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Doscador is a very ambitious and innovative project developed by the R & D Department in Doscadesa during which people have been working constantly to find an oil-based blend for marinades that offers more possibilities to final products. The goal in Doscadesa and in our Research, Development and Innovation Department is to turn a base product into another one with completely different nuances. We work in order to achieve the evolution of flavours, because…


Why do we have to settle for a normal flavour if we can have something different?


Why does meat have to taste just like meat?


Why does fish have to taste just like fish?



After months of research, our R & D Department has achieved the perfect blend for your products, unifying functionality and flavour. This way, with our Doscador marinades, you can give that added value to your products. You will turn simple cuts of meat and fish into delicious culinary specialities. 



But, what is Doscador? 


Our Doscador marinades are spice and flavour blends, homogenized on a high stability oil base with high oleic acid content. Thanks to its broad range of flavour, colour and texture nuances, they provide a distinct appeal to your product presentation that truly makes a difference


Our marinades are characterized by a homogenous texture and a good spice suspension. Its perfect density offers an excellent adherence for coating meat or fish cuts. In addition, these are naturally protected from oxidation, keeping the product fresh and bright. 


Thanks to the constant work of our team, we have achieved an easy and quickly application. They are applied directly on the meat of fish cuts, before or after cooking. Products may be cooked immediately after application, although our team recommends that if we want to make the flavour more powerful, you can leave them marinate for approximately 12 hours.



With our product, you will achieve something different from the traditional flavour of meat and fish. In Doscadesa, we believe that food is not just fuel for the body, but it can be an authentic pleasure. For that, our R & D Department works continuously to discover new ways to enjoy traditional products. Doscador marinades are made to captivate and attract all the senses and specially the most complex and subtle of all: taste. 




Since it could not be any other way, our Doscador marinades are made according to the highest Quality Standards since in Doscadesa we consider product quality and its procedures like indispensable tools for the compliance of legal regulations, the correct competitive exercise and one of the main values of our company.


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