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STRUCTURED V580 is a functional formulation based on a synergistic combination of alginate, vegetable fibers, and calcium, with high gelling properties. Designed to make gels from liquids, emulsions of water with vegetable oil or animal fat, MDM extensions, etc.




  • Increases the yield of meat raw materials (meat, fat, etc.) by achieving a natural-looking extension, which results in cost savings in production.
  • Versatility in its gelling properties; different textures can be achieved depending on the dose used.
  • Improves the texture of the product produced. Used in multiple applications.
  • Revalues meat by-products.
  • Generates a thermo-reversible gel. Supports freezing/thawing.
  • Does not contain allergens.




The versatility of STRUCTURED V580 allows for endless possible applications, ranging from reducing the fat content or partially replacing animal fats with vegetable ones (thus improving the lipid profile of the product produced), to improving the texture and yield of meat masses, to the production of multiple high-value-added substitutes.