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Doscadesa, the formula for success


A model of evolution

Doscadesa has been established for more than eight decades as a benchmark in the development and manufacturing of functional mixtures for the food industry. We go back to 1939, when we started as a company specialized in the production of paprika. Today, we remain faithful to that tradition, while continuing to invest in R&D to design formulas with a wide range of applications in meats, seafood and ready meals.


Our global presence, with a strong positioning in Latin America, North Africa and Europe, and our determined commitment to innovation and development, has led us to consolidate ourselves as one of the leaders in our sector.


We adapt to you with avant-garde and effective proposals and products. We understand that each business is unique and that is why we opt for personalized solutions, tailored to each company, and that adjust to specific needs.


What can we do for you?


  • We put our Pilot Plant and R&D team at your service.
  • We offer you personalized advice.
  • We support you in the design of customized solutions in record time.
  • We value your project and help you optimize it.


  • Exhaustive control of the entire production process, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of our product to your warehouses.
  • Products with high quality standards and meticulously selected.
  • COAs and samples at your disposal in record time and access to the technical sheets of our products from the customer area.
  • Quality and Food Safety backed by our certifications.


  • We help you get the most out of our products.
  • We provide specialized and individualized training on the products we are developing together.
  • Our Pilot Plant is equipped to recreate on a scale any production process in which you are going to use our products.
  • Teamwork and fluid communication between our R&D&i Department and yours.


Subtle differences make all difference

The consumer is increasingly more demanding; He is not satisfied with the usual. It forces you to have to stand out and offer products that are different from those of the competition. It is no longer enough to be able to obtain a certain flavor, but rather different notes of the same flavor. The same happens with the rest of the functional and sensory properties.


Therefore, the ability to obtain nuances is essential in a sector in which the margin of differentiation is increasingly smaller, minimal.


If you are looking for excellence in functional mixes, if you want your product to stand out, you are in the right place. Our commitment is to take your products to the next level, transcending the common to achieve the extraordinary. Because we know that, in the world of flavors, “The nuance makes the difference”




Solutions based on mixtures of ingredients, additives and/or spices and flavours to produce and improve any meat product. 




Developments and applications for diverse food products, designed to improve their technological and organoleptic properties. 



International and future expansion

DOSCADESA is today a global brand with an extensive commercial network in more than a dozen countries.


Our distributors


This network gives Doscadesa unlimited potential for expansion, partly due to its particular way of understanding the industry.


Our management team

square-padFrancisco MuelasCEO
square-padMara MartinezCOO
square-padPedro J. RomeroSupply Chain & CIO Manager
square-padIgnacio Clemente R & D Manager
square-padTomás GuillénFinance Manager
square-padEduardo ViloriaInternacional Expansion Executive
square-padMª Dolores Carrillo Operation Executive
square-padAlba CostaFood Quality & Security Manager
square-padAna GarcíaLogistic Executive
square-padFina LorenteAccount and Finance Executive