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Doscadesa, the formula for success


A model of evolution

In 1939 a small producer in the south-east of Spain began making top quality paprika under the brand name of Los Dos Caballos, now a household name. 75 years later, Los Dos Caballos is now Doscadesa, a leading company in the research and development of functional blends for the food industry.


This change is due to non-other than evolution. An ongoing expansion in the products we supply marked from start to finish by food industry demands. The company went from grinding paprika to applying it to sausage production and from there to coming up with specific products for the meat industry. Later, we started developing customised formulas with a wide range of applications in meat, seafood and ready-made dishes.


This incessant incorporation of new technology and intellectual growth has led to a series of technical and engineering consultancy services related to formulations and processes aimed at providing an efficient response to each client’s own particular needs.


Finally, and as a result of this evolution, two distinct and highly specialised areas emerged:






Subtle differences make all difference

The food industry is becoming more and more demanding. Obtaining a particular flavour is no longer enough, the market now demands different notes within the same flavour. The same is happening with other physical, chemical and sensory properties.


This means that the ability to obtain subtle differences is fundamental in a sector where the difference between us and our competitors is becoming smaller and smaller.

At Doscadesa we invest a huge amount of effort to create the exact product requested.

The high degree of specialisation in obtaining nuances achieved in the last few years enables us to come up with the precise formula that can provide a particular set of organoleptic and/or functional properties for each type of product. In the end, it is this ability that sets us apart and makes us successful.


International and future expansion

Doscadesa is today a global brand thanks to its export vocation. The company has carved out a place for itself in the international market, establishing a commercial network in more than a dozen countries.


This network gives Doscadesa unlimited potential for expansion, partly due to its particular way of understanding the industry.


Our management team

square-padFrancisco MuelasCEO
square-padEduardo ViloriaFood Quality & Security Manager
square-padPedro J. RomeroSupply Chain Manager
square-padMª Dolores Carrillo Operation Manager
square-padJosé Miguel ToledoTechnical and Application Manager
square-padAna GarcíaLogistic Manager
square-padFina LorenteAccount and Finance Manager
square-padIgnacio Clemente R & D Manager