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Doscador marinades are spice and flavour blends, homogenized on a high stability oil base with high oleic acid content.

Thanks to its broad range of flavour, colour and texture nuances, they provide a distinct appeal to your product presentation that truly makes a difference.

Doscador Marinades


  • No need to add oil to the pan or griddle. Doscador is oil-based and covers the entire piece of meat.
  • Allows cooking as orders come in. Doscador is not like other marinades that need hours for the meat to take its flavor. The piece is coated and cooked directly. This way, meats with different flavors can be offered without having to marinate them previously: the dish is prepared as the order comes in.
  • Always a bright color. The oil prevents the surface from oxidizing and the color of the preparation is appetizing and eye-catching.
  • When the meat is cooked, a slight crust is created due to the caramelization of the ingredients.
  • An endless number of applications. Doscador can be applied to pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, roasted potatoes…
  • They are balanced recipes that provide a touch of color, smell and taste but do not mask the original flavor of the meat or fish.
  • Modulable application. If you want to intensify the flavor, you can add a higher dose.
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